Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Vibhitaki (bibhitaki) – Terminalia Bellirica

Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Vibhitaki (bibhitaki) - Terminalia Bellirica

Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Vibhitaki (bibhitaki) – Terminalia Bellirica

Vibhitaki is also known as Bibhitaki and its botanical name is Terminalia Bellirica. It is one of the major Ayurvedic healthy fruits referred to as triphala apart from Haritaki (Terminal Chebula) and Amla (Emblica Officinalis).

Vibhitaki is equipped with many medicinal properties used in treating many diseases. It grows in every region of India to a height of about 60 – 80 feet with large leaves which are about 15 cm long. It has white or pale yellow colour flowers.

Based on Ayurveda principles, Vibhitaki aids tissues dryness, and it is light to digest with sweet (madhura rasa) taste after digestion. The fruit is characterized by astringent (kashaya rasa) taste. It reduces Kapha and regulates all the major dosha.

Health Benefits of Vibhitaki

The medicinal properties of Vibhitaki are applauded by Ayurveda Acharayas (known as Bhava Prakaasha) and they are enumerated below:

Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Vibhitaki (bibhitaki) - Terminalia Bellirica

Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Vibhitaki (bibhitaki) – Terminalia Bellirica

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Vibhitaki is popularly known for its aphrodisiac properties, and this has made it a good erectile dysfunction remedy in the Ayurvedic Bibhitaki’s weight losing properties is useful for erectile dysfunction caused by obesity and other related fat building conditions. It also contains blood sugar regulating properties which are responsible for its used as a herb to treat diabetes-related condition in erectile dysfunction.
  • Cold, Cough, and Bad throat: The fruit is found useful in treating cold, cough, and severe throat. Small bits of dry Vibhitaki fried in pure ghee is to be chewed gradually for cold, cough, and bad throat relief.
  • For painful muscles and Joints: Vibhitaki contains anti-inflammatory properties to relieve muscles and joints pains. The fruit is ground into powder and mixed with warm oil. Applying this mixture on aching joints and muscles will relieve the pains.
  • Diabetes: Vibhitaki has medicinal properties that regulate medhas (body fat) and kapha which are responsible for diabetes and also lowers blood sugar level fluctuations.
  • For dry and inflamed eyes: Mixture of Bibhitaki, Haritaki, and Amla processed together with ghee has been recommended by Ayurvedic physicians to be effective in inflamed and dry eyes treatment.
  • Weight Loss: Vibhitaki is used as the main ingredient in weight loss Ayurvedic preparations to reduce weight due to its ability to control body fat and Kapha.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): It is also found useful in Irritable Bowel Syndrome by assisting in reducing inflammation of intestine walls. The fruit is dried and ground to powder to perform the function of lowering intestine motility increment in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Vibhitaki is not advisable for pregnant women and also when you are using the fruit, do not exceed the normal usage as recommended by Ayurveda principles.


Vibhitaki fruit is well packed with many medicinal properties that are useful for the various treatment of disorders arising from diabetes, inflammation, obesity, and much more. Preserving and conserving this fruit being one of the major popular fruit in India is very important for the benefits of all. Though efforts have been made to perfect this, which is responsible for its availability everywhere in India, yet more committeemen are still needed to preserve the fruit.


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