Beeswax for Psoriasis and Dry Skin


Beeswax is recommended by ayurvedic doctors and naturopaths for psoriasis (Read Ayurvedic remedy for Psoriasis ) and dry skin (Read Ayurvedic remedy for Dry Skin ). Beeswax (Cera elba or Cera flava) which is also referred to as “Madhuchista” (means the spit of bees) in Sanskrit can be described as a natural wax from genus Apis family of honey bees. This unique wax formed a scale-like structure of eight layers glands or hexagonal shape in the worker bees’ abdomen segments to discard in the hive.

Beeswax has been employed in the Ayurvedic creams or balms to treat many skin diseases. The ayurvedic cream PSORIBAN for psoriasis and dry skin contains bees wax.Texts of ayurveda recommend beeswax for psoriasis and dry skin.  When the wax is first produced, the liquid is colourless and transparent, and when it is exposed to air, it transforms into a semi-solid structure known as wax. Beeswax is equipped with numerous medicinal properties to benefit the skin in many ways. Let’s discuss some of these properties.

Properties of Beeswax

There are many essential properties of beeswax that make it beneficial for psoriasis and dry skin. Beeswax is non-toxic and natural, and this has made cosmetic industries employed it as the main ingredients in their different skin  care products and formula. For example, beeswax is a thickening agent to enhance cream thickening for easy application on the skin. Herewith is the list of medicinal properties of beeswax:

  • Relieves itching: Beeswax is an anti-allergenic to help to relieve dry skin itching. If you are suffering from dry skin itching or reactive skin or sensitive skin, beeswax is the best for you. Itching is a common symptom of dry skin and psoriasis. Hence beeswax for psoriasis and dry skin is a thumb rule while formulating skin creams.
  • Contains Vitamin A: Beeswax is a rich source of vitamin to help exfoliate and regenerate the skin.
  • Keeps skin hydrated: Beeswax is one of the best water attractors. Regular application of enriched beeswax ointment helps your skin attract water molecules to keep it hydrated continuously.
  • Protects the skin: Beeswax creates a form of protective barrier from environmental attacks while it also reduces skin dryness and holds in moisture on your skin. Compared to other petroleum ingredients, beeswax eliminates the issue of suffocation experienced in other products.
  • Contains antibacterial properties: A study has shown that beeswax is equipped with antibacterial properties to help treat diaper rash and other related bacterial skin problems.
  • Promotes skin softness: It acts as humectants and emollient to benefits rough, dry and hard skin layers. Skin care products contained beeswax is guaranteed to encourage moisture skin and rehydrating dry skin for easy cell regeneration.
  • Encourages skin wound healing: Beeswax offer antiviral, antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory and if combined with some other ingredients, it helps treat wounds and other skin irritation issues.
  • Anti-oxidant properties: Beeswax acts as antioxidants to eliminate pollutants from the surface of the skin.

Uses of Beeswax

  • Beeswax is widely employed in the cosmetic industries to produce creams, moisturizers, and lip balms due to its ability to act as thickening agent, humectants, and emulsifier.
  • It is used in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic ointments and as well as creams.
  • Ingesting pure beeswax does not harm the body.

Why Beeswax was used in PSORIBAN CREAM

MOOLIKA AYURVEDA’s doctors with their vast clinical knowledge have recommended beeswax in PSORIBAN CREAM due to its anti-inflammation properties to soothe inflamed skin, calm skin itching, and dry skin softness. Beeswax is combined with other health and skin herbs in Psoriban cream to fasten the skin moisture content and prevent skin dryness.

The wound healing properties contained in beeswax assists in repairing the skin open cracked surfaces. The beeswax comprises of anti-bacterial property for prevention of secondary infection found in dry skin and psoriatic patches.

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