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Dark circles under Eyes or Dark Circles Beneath eyes


Dark circles under eyes are very common beauty complaint. Nine out of 10 people have dark circles under their eyes at one time or another. How dark circles under eyes are caused ? The skin under our eyes is very thin. As we get exposed to sun rays, the skin under the eyes gets damaged and becomes more thin and wrinkled. The veins below this thin skin start looking prominent. Thus the wrinkles and prominent veins form dark circles. Some times pigmentation also causes dark circles.

Causes of dark circles under eyes:
Age, Over exposure to sun, Lack of sleep, Lack of nutrients, Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, Hereditary, Fatigue, Chronic diseases, Pregnancy, Menstruation

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Herbal body cleanser Herbal under eye Gel

Presentation: Tablet
Quantity: 60 tablets
Ingredients: Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Amalaki


  1. Expels accumulated body toxins

  2. Rejuvenates  body and skin.

  3. Regularizes bowel movements (Helps in  constipation) .

  4. Increases resistance of skin and body. (Increases body immunity)

Dosage - 2 tablets every day night before going to bed

Presentation: Gel
Quantity: 50 Gms
Ingredients : Extracts of rose, Lotus, Green tea, Aloe vera, Grape fruit, Olive fruit and Caster seeds.

Method of application:
Take a drop of gel on finger and very gently massage into the skin around the eyes

Helps in dark circle under eyes. Helps for a clean skin under eyes

haritaki, vjbhitakai, amalaki

60 tablets

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Solutions for under eye dark circles

How to get rid of dark circle under eyes ? is the question that arises in your mind when you are suffering from under eye dark circles. Here are solutions for under eye dark circles

  1. Concealing the dark circles around eyes through make up techniques.
  2. Do not use bleach or peels to make the dark circles around eyes light.
  3. Treat the cause of illness mentioned above.
  4. Sleep for sufficiently long hours to prevent formation of dark circles under eyes.
  5. Do not scratch the under eye skin. T
  6. Diet, which is rich in nutrients helps to remove dark circles around eyes.
  7. Lightly tap the under eye skin with one or two fingers to
  8. Increase the blood circulation.  

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