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Ayurveda  increase fairness of skin

A free guide of ayurveda for fair and glowing skin

Naturally fresh and healthy skin is protector of body and a thing of beauty. Ayurveda our ancient science of medicine has suggested many herbal remedies and natural methods to protect our skin frompimples,acne,dark circles,wrinkles and marks left by pimples and to increase thefairness of the skin. Pimples ,acne .dark circles, wrinkles and marks give a dull and unhealthy look.

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Herbal Face pack Herbal Gel Herbal Body Cleanser
Presentation: Powder
Quantity: 50 Gms

ayurveda reference :
lipthamaasyam ghritaanvitaihi|
-bhavetsatyam pundarikadal
When this face pack is mixed with milk and applied , face becomes
as clear as leaf of lotus
Presentation: Cream
Quantity: 100 gms

To be applied twice daily
Processed from 100% pure aloe containing the maximum activity of Aloevera Barbadensis plant and blended with tea tree oil and other essential oils
It is widely referred as the fountain of youth .
Excellent moisturizer and revitalizes dull, dry and sensitive skin.
Protects the skin from sunburn, wind burn, chaffing and minor irritations . Removes scars and marks
Presentation: Tablets
Quantity: 60 tablets

Dosage: 2 tablets at night before going to bed

ayurveda reference :
aghni naashaye
vishamajwaram |
Deepani shleshmapittaghni kushtahantri rasaayani ||" "

Detoxifies body.Helps in boosting resistance of skin
Keeps the bowel clean
Expels toxins out of body
Normalizes the body fire so that accumulation of toxins is reduced.

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In ayurveda according to Sushrutaachaarya the skin has seven layers. They are
Avabhasini- The outermost layer is called Avabhasini. Pimples, acne, dandruff etc arise when this layer gets affected by vitiated doshas.
Lohita- This is the second layer of skin. Moles ,dark circles, black pigmentations occur when vitiated doshas affect this layer.
Shweta- The third layer of skin shweta when gets affected by vitiated doshas precipitates the diseases like eczema ,allergic rashes etc
Tamra- This is the fourth layer of skin which when affected by doshas harbors different types of leprosy.
Vedini- The fifth layer succumbs toherpes when vitiated doshas affect.
Rohini- Harbors cancer, tumors, elephantiasis etc when affected by vitiated doshas.
Mamsadhara - This is the seventh layer in the body which when affected by vitiated doshas , abscess , fistulas arise.
We have to keep all these skin layers healthy by balancing doshas. We can balance our doshas by following proper ahara and Vihara (diet and life style modifications) .This makes ourskin healthy.


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