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Semen is white or gray colored liquid. It comes out of urethra (a tube in penis through which urine flows out of urinary bladder) on ejaculation during the peak of orgasm. In ayurveda a healthy semen which is more fertile is described as “shukram shuklam guru snighdam madhuram bahalam bahu| ghritamaakshikatailabham sadgarbhaya ||” This means the semen which is grayish white , heavy , sticky ,sweet and more in quantity is always fertile. This fertile semen may have the shades of ghee , honey or oil.

Shukra Kit PRODUCT ID - ISK Shukra Kit Contains Ayurvedic preparations which are sufficient for one month.

Shukra Kit (Helps to increase quality and quantity of semen ) -
Recommended duration three months


 quantity- 60 capsules
(ABASemenrise-a special sweet jam preparation)
Quantity : 500 Gms

Tablet ILMR
quantity- 60 tablets

Ingredients in total kit :Ashwagandha, Vidarikanda, Suvarna makshika bhasma, karpurakachali,  shilajitu, kapikacchu,Haratala, Trivanga bhasma, Abhraka bhasma, Pravala pishti,shweta mushali, Musali, Jatiphala, Jatipatra, sariva, jiraka, draksha, ghrita, honey, ela , Tamra bhasma, Karpura, Jiraka,  Satavari, bala, Ativisha, Jatiphala,Lavanga etc

ayurveda reference for herbs:
"Krishasya pushtim vapusho dhadaati narasya sasyasya yathaambu vrishti||"

Benefits: Helps to increase quality and quantity of semen. Helps premature ejaculation. This preparation nourishes the body ,increases the energy and potency of a person.(Like rain fall nourishes the plant). Indicated in loss of erection premature ejaculation and impotence


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Quantity Cost (USD) BUY NOW
1 kit of ISK
(for one month preparations)
$160 USD

2 kits of ISK
(for two months preparations)

$ 270 USD

3 kits of ISK
( three months preparations)
$ 390 USD

Sperm count indicates the fertilizing capacity.

When the sperm count is below normal (low sperm count) the condition is called as “oligospermia”

When there are no sperms in semen then the condition is known as “azoospermia.”

Causes for low sperm count:
* Infected semen
* Heat – (Heat reduces sperm production. Hence the testicles are outside body in the scrotum to escape from body heat. Hence tight underpants, bathing in very hot water, sitting for long hours, over weight in which fat layers sag on testicles reduce sperm count)
* Very frequent semen ejaculation also lead to lowered sperm count and man may become effectively infertile. Hence maintaining a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keeps a man more fertile.
* Smoking.
* Excessive alcohol intake.
* Over exertion physically and mentally
* Varicocele.
* Hydrocele
* Infections present in prostate gland.
* Malformed genital organs.
* Toxic pollutants
* Zinc deficiency
* Anabolic steroid use .

Ayurvedic tips to increase sperm count:
Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc.
Keep your mind and body healthy by regular practice of YOGA and MEDITATION.
Exercise regularly.
Maintain a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations.
Favor sweets, milk and milk products.
Add recipes which contain urad dal .
Add little ghee to your food before consuming.
Avoid bitter, astringent and spicy foods.
Avoid heating of testicles.

Massage body with herbal oil, which improves blood circulation.
Increasing the quantity and quality of semen with ayurvedic herbal preparations:

There are many effective herbal preparations in to increase quality and quantity of semen in ayurveda. The semen which is more in quantity and has high count of healthy sperms is called shuddha shukra. The ayurvedic herbal preparations which help in production of shuddha shukra also help to

Increase quality of semen.
Increase quantity of semen.
Increase libido .
Produce many healthy offspring.
Rejuvenates the body
Gives young look.
Gives energy and strength to body.
Develops immunity to diseases .
Increase sperm count
Increase sperm motility

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