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Over weighted persons are at increased health risk than normal persons. They are more prone to chronic diseases like heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and few types of cancers.
What is obesity?
Excess amount of body fat is Obesity.
Excess weight of muscles, bone, fat and water in the body (like body builders and athletes) is Overweight.

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Obenil herbal compound:

Herbal Tea to reduce Weight Buy Weight Reduction Kit
Ingredients Action
Guggulu Hypolipidemic
Vrikshamla Vit C enricher, breaks down fatty acid synthesis
Triphala prevents lipid synthesis
Meshashringi Reduces craving for sugar
Shuddha shilajit Diuretic induces weight loss.
Pippali Digestive

Quantity : 90 capsules
Dosage : 1 capsule thrice daily

Ingredients: haritaki, vibhitaki, amalaki, vayuvidanga in proportion

Quantity and Presentation = 100 Gms powder
Dosage : 1 tea spoon of tea is boiled in a cup of water and is reduced to 3/4 cup. The tea is filtered and 1 tea spoon of honey is added to this decoction when it is warm and consumed twice daily in empty stomach.

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Health risks due to Obesity

Obesity leads to the following problems.

  1. Type-2 diabetes

  2. Heart disease.

  3. High Blood pressure.

  4. Stroke

  5. Few types of Cancers

  6. Gall stones

  7. Liver diseases

  8. Osteo arthritis.

  9. Gout

  10. Infertility

  11. Irregular menstruation in women.

According to Ayurveda the obese persons are more prone to the following diseases.

  1. Diabetes.

  2. Kidney related problems.

  3. Hepatitis.

  4. Low libido.

  5. Low energy levels.

  6. Skin problems.

  7. Fistula

  8. Piles.

  9. Filariasis . etc


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