Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil
Ayurveda Health Benefits of Castor Oil


Over the years now, castor oil has been widely used in various preparations of medicinal concoctions in the Ayurvedic treatments of many health conditions such as arthritis, cerebral palsy, rheumatism, skin diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, multiple sclerosis, and much more. Castor oil is broadly extracted from seeds of Ricinus Communis plant. The plant is known as Haralenne and Arandi in Kannada and Hindi respectively.

Castor oil is equipped with essential medicinal properties to offer many health benefits. Ayurvedic texts recommend this oil to be used both internally and externally. However, care must be taken when used orally and it is advised to be used under a close supervision of experienced Ayurvedic doctors.

Improper use of castor oil internally may result in stomach pain, vomiting, internal bleeding especially in the digestive system, and other related side effects. But the oil can safely be employed external without any side effect. The effectiveness of castor oil on skin diseases cannot be overemphasized. This article aims to discuss health benefits of castor oil. Read on to discover more benefits of the oil.

Medicinal Properties of Castor Oil

Acharya Sushruta gives details of medicinal properties of castor oil for both internal and external use based on the Ayurvedic principle. Castor oil has been studied to improve softness and moistness in tissues. Apart from this, this oil normalizes Kapha and vata, as well as increases pitta when used internally.

Castor oil for skin ayurvedic remedy
Castor oil for skin ayurvedic remedy

Also, when it is used externally, castor oil pacifies pitta. Below are the medicinal properties of castor oil based on the area of application:

External application benefits

  • Reduces skin itching and inflammation: Castor oil reduces the symptoms of inflamed and itching skin when applied externally. It has been found useful on dry skin, sunburns, heals the damaged skin, restores the skin colour, and other related skin diseases.
  • Reduces wrinkles and traces of aging: Regular application of castor oil on your body and face for a duration of 20 minutes before rinsing it with warm soap or shikakai helps reduce wrinkles and any aging physical symptoms. Castor oil is equipped with medicinal properties to lock the skin moisture content to eliminate wrinkles from the skin.

Eliminates dark circles: Dark circles around the eye can be sometimes embarrassing. You can get rid of these dark circles by regularly applying castor oil around the eye. This can also help control eyes dryness.

Internal application benefits

Castor oil is an efficient detoxification herb that is widely used internally in panchakarma therapies for the detoxification process. This oil is also employed to treat bronchitis, hemorrhoids, low sperm motility, low sperm count, and ED. Castor oil is also effective in treating ailment associated with the female reproductive system.

CAUTION: However, it is not advisable to use castor oil internally as self-medication. Care must be taken when using castor oil internally, and it is advised to be used under a close supervision of experienced Ayurvedic doctors.


Castor oil is well-known herbal oil that is widely used to treat many health problems due to its medicinal properties. It is highly celebrated in skin health for its anti-inflammatory properties. Try to incorporate castor oil into your cream and oil treatment to enjoy numerous benefits of castor oil.

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