Ayurveda Health Benefits of Gudmar – Madhunashini -Gymnema Sylvestre

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Gudmar – Madhunashini -Gymnema Sylvestre

Gudmar which is also called Madhunashini in Sanskrit has innumerable health benefits. It helps to lower blood sugar and blood cholesterol.


It is an herb widely found in dry deciduous forests of both central and southern Indian and as well as Sri Lanka. It usually grows as a woody climber and has its roots at the nodes. Both leaves and roots are medicinal, and it has significant effects on sugar; hence, it is popularly referred to as “insulin plant.”

This plant is also known as Cowplant, Gymnema, and Periploca of the woods. Gudmar plant can be found in nurseries and tablets as pharmaceutical industries are now making use of this plant to manufacture different medicine and supplements. In various Indian languages, this herb is called different names as follows:

  • Hindi – Gurmar
  • Bengali – Meshashrunga
  • Konkani – Kawli
  • Gujarati – Gudmar,  Madhunashini
  • Kannada – Madhunashini
  • Tamil – Sirukurinjan, Kokilam
  • Marathi – Bedakicha Pala , Gudmar
  • Malayalam – Chakkarakolli
  • Urdu – Gurmar
  • Telagu – Podapatri
  • Sanskrit – Madhunaashini, Meshasringa
  • Oriya – Lakshmi, Mendhasingia, Nagapushpi

Health Benefits of Gudmar

Gudmar is equipped with many bioactive nutrients which are essential in treating several health conditions. It balances Vata and Kapha, has hot potency, and can easily dry up the tissues.  When Madhunashini is consumed, it acts on the taste buds and alters their function; hence, you may not quickly feel its sweet taste for some time. According to Ayurvedic texts, Gudmar’s medicinal properties are explained as follows:

  • Gudmar controls high cholesterol level and regulates triglyceride level.
  • It boosts the level of lipid in the blood.
  • It helps in lowering blood sugar level.
  • This herb is also used to prevent halminthiasis.
  • It is employed in the treatment of wounds and snake bites.
  • The leaf juice of Gudmar is used in order to avoid constipation, and for jaundice treatment, eye problems, fever, glycosuria, cough, dysuria, and as well as regulate body weight.
  • The herb is utilized in the treatment of anemia and hyperglycemia.
  • Gudmar extract is an excellent liver tonic.
  • It also boosts immunity and prevents the formation of dental plaque.
  • In Ayurveda, Madhunashini is used as a stimulant, emetic, laxative, and an expectorant.
  • Women find this herb beneficial, as it can be used to activate the uterus.
  • It refreshes the activities of cardiac and enhances blood circulation.
  • Gudmar is used as an appetizer, improves digestion, and also help to kill worms.


After considering all these essential properties, Gudmar is considered a proper remedy for female infertility experienced in PCOS or PCOD. MOOLIKA AYURVEDIC doctors have incorporated Gudmar as one of the main ingredients in PCORID CAPSULES an ayurvedic medicine for PCOS. It is identified as the leading Ayurvedic treatment of PCOS or PCOD’s symptoms. The health benefits of Gudmar do not only apply to women but also helps enhance male fertility. Gudmar improves the conditions of erectile dysfunction in diabetic men. Hence, doctors also recommend the herb for the treatment of erectile dysfunction experienced in men with diabetes. In summary, it can be concluded that Gudmar is an essential herb for couple.

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