Ayurvedic Remedy for Gout

Ayurvedic Remedy for Gout
Ayurvedic Remedy for Gout

Ayurvedic Remedy for Gout

Gout is one of the forms of arthritis or joint inflammation. Usually one or two joints are affected at a time. Commonly joints of feet and ankles are inflamed in gout. The commonest site is the ball of the big toe .The first attack of gout subsides in a week or so without treatment. There may be a long gap of many months or years between attacks. As time passes the attacks become more frequent and more severe involving many joints. When the frequency of attacks increases progressive joint damage sets in. This is known as chronic gout. This leads to disability and crippling. Gout is very rare in women but usually affects men. In women it is seen after menopause.


In ayurveda VAGHBHATA has said the cause of Gout is vitiated blood. The vitiated blood first affects the joints of  feet. This  extends to other joints in later stages. The vitiated blood not only affects the joints but also affects the whole body.

Causes of vitiation of Blood: (according to ayurveda)
1.    Indigestion
2.    Excessive consumption of salty, sour, hot , spicy , oily foods.
3.    Consumption of Fish.
4.    Consuming horse gram, urad dal.
5.    Alcohol.
6.    Consuming opposite foods.
7.    Lack of sleep.
8.    Obesity.
9.    Sedentary work

Reasons for increased uric acid level in blood
•    Hereditary
•    Obesity
•    High alcohol intake
•    High intake of food like  liver, kidneys, sweetbreads ,tongue, red meat, Shellfish, fish peas, lentils and beans. These foods contain purines.
•    Few drugs used to treat high blood pressure.

1.    Inflammation,
2.    Swelling,
3.    Tenderness in the affected joint.
4.    Touching or moving the joint is extremely painful.

The symptoms of Gout are described in ayurveda as follows
1.    Over reaction on touching the affected joint.
2.    Swelling of the joint.
3.    Unbearable pain (as if some body is cutting the joint).
4.    Burning sensation.
5.    Warmth in the joint.

Tips to reduce blood uric acid level
1.    Avoiding consumption of food which contain purines.
2.    Reducing the intake of alcohol.
3.    Weight reduction.
4.    Altered medication for high blood pressure.

Ayurveda Tips to control gout
1.    Consume wheat, green gram,  raisins, ginger, milk .
2.    Avoid horse raiding, or other sports which involves lot of joint movements.
3.    Avoid afternoon sleep, roaming in hot sun,
4.    Do not consume alcohol, fish, urad dal, horse gram, curds, radish,



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