Health Benefits of Vidanga – Embelia Ribes the Weight Loss Herb

Health Benefits of Vidanga – Embelia Ribes the weight loss herb
Health Benefits of Vidanga – Embelia Ribes the weight loss herb


Vidanga (which also known as false black pepper) is one of the effective and potent Ayurvedic anti-parasitic herbs popularly used to treat intestinal worm infestation and to fight fat accumulation in the body. Its botanical name is Embelia Ribes and belongs to Myrsinaceae family. Vidanga is characterized by a large semi-climber hedge with apparent weak branches and as well has simple and shining leaves with greenish-white flowers. Vidanga fruits are wrinkle and globular with greyish berries which turn dark brown when they are ripe. It grows in different parts of the world such as Tropical Asia, East Africa, India, Southern China, and Indian Archipelago.

Its effectiveness for burning fat cannot be over-emphasized in weight loss according to Ayurvedic medicine. These and many other benefits will be discussed in this content.

Health Benefits of Vidanga – Embelia Ribes the weight loss herb
Health Benefits of Vidanga – Embelia Ribes the weight loss herb

Essential Health Benefits of Vidanga

There are many recorded health benefits of vidanga based on Ayurvedic text, and some these key benefits are highlighted below:

  • For weight loss: This is one of the most celebrated health benefits of vidanga. It is one of the essential fat burners to achieve a healthy weight. This herb enhances metabolism and dehydrates the fat cells content. Based on Ayurvedic text, the fat cells are directly linked with kapahadosha and when this kapahadosha is vitiated or affected, there is an increase in the fat cells. Vidanga has been researched to help normalize kapahadosha and lower the fat cells volume in obesity; thereby reducing their excessive weight gain. Vidanga is contained as part of the ingredients of NILOBESE Ayurvedic weight loss tea due to its property to burn fat faster than other herbs. It is also found to help increase urine output in a view to reducing water retention in the body.
  • For constipation: Vidanga herb enhances bowel activities by help emptying the bowel to relieve constipation. Consumption of vidanga tea helps prevent ingestion and regulate Agni to prevent constipation and promote healthy digestion.
  • For intestinal parasites: Vidanga is equipped with anti-helminthic properties to treat intestinal parasites. Regular consumption of the vidanga herb is an excellent remedy for any forms of intestinal problems.
  • For piles: Its effectiveness in helping constipation and controlling Agni make it a good choice to treat pile or haemorrhoids. It does this by improving the intestines motility and make bowel evacuation easier and stress-free.
  • For skin diseases: Vidanga can also be used externally on the skin as well as internally to treat different skin diseases such as pimples, acne, and much more. The herb is studied to purify the blood, reduce inflammation as well acts on lymph when used internally to eliminate skin ailments. Check MOOLIKA SKIN GLOW CAPSULES for all pimples and acne  that contain vidanga.
  • Versatility: Vidanga is also equipped with many other Ayurvedic medicinal properties to make the body light, improve free circulation of blood, remove morbidity, trigger appetite, kill worms, acts against phlegm, and many other benefits.


In Ayurveda, vidanga is one of the versatile herbs used as a remedy for a variety of ailments but mainly recognized for its effectiveness in worm infestation treatment and weight loss. Its tonic and anti-helminthic properties play a major role in providing strength to the body together with mulethi roots which make it an energy booster in Ayurveda. These and many other health benefits of vidanga have been discussed in this content. Try this wonderful herb and enjoy the numerous benefits.


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