Health Benefits Raisins or Dry grapes

Ayurveda Health benefits of raisins
Ayurveda Health benefits of raisins


Raisins are dried grapes fruits which come from the Vitis vinifera plant and commercially prepared to be used for many medicinal purposes. They are prepared by drying grapes in either dryer or sun to turn the fruits into black, golden, or green gems. According to Ayurvedic principles, they are equipped with many medicinal properties to offer so much herbal treatment of the body.

Raisins health benefits include the treatment of constipation, fever, anemia, acidosis, and much more.  They have also been studied to help in healthy weight gain as well as help in dental care, eye, and bone health.  Raisins are respected in the category of healthy dry fruits members due to its versatility in treating health problems and serve as food supplements for campers, backpackers, and mountaineers to boost energy. The health benefits will be discussed in this content to have more understanding about the medicinal fruits.

Top Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisins contain many medicinal properties such as antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, and other nutrients that are beneficial to the overall health of the body. Highlighted below are the top health benefits of raisins:

  • Cools the body: Ayurvedic principles claimed that raisins or dry grapes are equipped with body cooling properties which make them useful in burning sensation during urine excretion referred to as “burning micturition”. To achieve this result, put about 8 to 10 raisins in a cup of water and soak overnight. In the next morning, blend the mixture together and drink on an empty stomach to treat conditions such as infection urinary or cystitis.(Click AYurvedic Remedies for Kidney stones and Cystitis)
  • Quenches severe thirst: Raisins and dry grapes have been applauded by Ayurvedic acharyas as “trishnaghna” or remedy for quenching severe thirst conditions such as dosha imbalance and fever. These conditions are usually characterized by a severe thirst which cannot be completely quenched by ordinary water. Boil 20 to 25pieces of raisins in 1 litre of water and allow it to cool. Daily consumption of this water together with the boiled raisins is a good treatment to quench your severe thirst.
  • Good for pregnant women: Raisins offer numerous health benefits to pregnant women due to their rich source of both fibres and iron. These unique nutrients assist in fighting constipation and anemia commonly occurs in pregnancy.
  • Helps in menstrual disorders: Raisins have been found helpful in menstrual disorders. Raisins alleviate some issues related to menstrual disorders such as excessive bleeding and cramps. Research has shown that menstrual bleeding tends to increase with the appearance of iron deficiency anemia. Regular consumption of raisins can control these menstrual problems. Boil 20 to 25 pieces of raisins in a cup of water and allow it to cool. Consumption of this water together with a teaspoon of honey twice a day is a good home remedy for pregnancy-related constipation.(Click here for Ayurvedic Remedies for PCOS/ PCOD)
  • Helps in erectile dysfunction: Raisins are equipped with an amino acid which is referred to as Arginine, a property that contributes to improved libido and help boost sexual urge. Consumption of grapes has been recommended to help erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Reproductive health: these dry fruits are recommended as ayurvedic foods to increase sperm count. Eating 10-12  raisins per day along with walnuts helps to boost fertility on men.
  • Helps to gain healthy weight: Raisins have been studied to help underweight people to gain healthy weight. Raisins or dry grapes have been recommended by Ayurveda acharyas for weight gain therapy called Brihmana


The raisins or dry grapes are very rich in essential properties to offer so much health benefits to the overall body health. The health benefits are innumerable as it cut across every part of the body like skin, hair, bone, reproductive organ, and much more. The key benefits have been covered in this article based on Ayurvedic principles. Digest them and take advantages of the fruits.


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