How to Cure PCOS or PCOD in Ayurveda

How to Cure PCOS or PCOD in Ayurveda

Ayurveda recommends various herbs to boost fertility of women. These herbs not only improve fertility but also help in weight loss and blood sugar control. Turmeric, bitter gourd, chirayata, Ashoka are few important ayurvedic herbs used to cure PCOS or PCOD

What causes PCOS

Based on principles of Ayurveda imbalance of doshas cause PCOS. Unhealthy eating habits, indisciplined lifestyles, not exercising, thyroid problems and hereditary can cause PCOS.

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According to Susan Johannsen

Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS) is not a completely understood medical condition, but it can be treated effectively if it is diagnosed early enough. PCOS is a debilitating condition in woman caused by excessive levels of male hormones (known as androgens). The main symptom of PCOS is a build-up of cysts (fluid-filled sacs) in the ovaries. PCOS is dangerous not only because of the painful cysts it causes, but because it is a risk factor for infertility, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Weight Loss and PCOS

How to Cure PCOS in Ayurveda, ayurvedic cure for pcos, cure for pcos in ayurveda, ayurvedic cure for PCOD

Obesity is known as ‘sthoulya’ in Ayurveda. This causes infertility in men and women. Various researches have proven that obesity causes PCOS. Hence weight loss is often the first treatment doctors try when they are trying to figure out how to cure PCOS in an individual. Often, PCOS sufferers are overweight and losing weight can help them to reduce their androgen (testosterone ) levels. The amount of body fat a person has powerfully influences hormone levels in the body. Weight loss alone is often enough to cure PCOS.

Ayurveda recommends various herbs for weight loss and PCOS. Turmeric, garlic, chirayata, bitter gourd or karela etc help in weight loss. Along with these a healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle is also very important to effectively lose weight.

Can Birth Control Pills help in PCOS ?

How to Cure PCOS in Ayurveda, ayurvedic cure for pcos, cure for pcos in ayurveda, ayurvedic cure for PCOD

Susan Johannsen says that Birth control pills are often prescribed to woman with PCOS. Birth control pills contain a chemical known as progesterone that is capable of reducing androgen levels in the body. Progesterone is a female sex hormone, and it is able to reduce androgen levels because androgen levels and progesterone levels are inversely related: The more you have of one, the less you have of the other.

But this is not an answer for female infertility. Hence Ayurveda acharyas recommend methods to balance doshas through diet, healthy routine and detoxification therapies. This is not only an ayurvedic cure for PCOS but also a best remedy to improve fertility of women.

Are Antiandrogens Safe ?

Susan Johannsen sheds light on this. She opines that – In cases of PCOS where birth control pills prove ineffective, many doctors will prescribe medications known as “antiandrogens.” These medicines lower androgen levels even more effectively than progesterone-containing birth control pills do. Antiandrogens not only lower androgen levels, they also help woman with PCOS reduce some of the severe acne that often (but not always) accompanies PCOS.

The downside to using antiandrogens that they are harsher on the body than birth control pills. Antiandrogens have also been known to produce somewhat uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when people that having been taking them for a long period of time stop using them. For this reason, if a PCOS patient wants to discontinue their antiandrogen medication, doctors typically recommend slowly reducing the dose, rather than suddenly stopping taking the medication.

But Ayurveda cure for PCOs follows a very mild way. The ayurvedic herbs and medications used in treatment of PCOS are very effective and do not have any side effects on body. When these are combined in proper proportion and recommended by qualified ayurvedic doctor, the cure for PCOS or PCOD becomes very easy.

Anti-Diabetic Drugs

Diabetes - The Cause and Effect to People
Diabetes – The Cause and Effect to People

Susan Johannsen enlightens us on Metformin. According to her Metformin is an anti-diabetes drug that is capable of helping to control symptoms of PCOS. Most medical doctors try using Metformin to combat PCOS only after they have tried using weight loss, birth control pills, and antiandrogens. Metformin has a number of potentially serious side effects and should only be used after most other treatment options have been attempted unsuccessfully.

But Ayurveda vaidyas use herbs which effectively control blood sugar level without causing any side effects. Plants like gymnema sylvestre or gudmar or madhunashini , cinnamon, fennel seeds or saunf, etc help to control blood sugar level and also increase fertility in women.

PCOS can be treated using a variety of interventions. Sometimes combinations of interventions are also used. If you suspect you have PCOS or are desperate to figure out how to cure PCOS, you should see a medical doctor as soon as possible. The longer you leave your PCOS untreated, the worse it will become. Please consult a qualified ayurvedic doctor for Ayurveda PCOS cure.

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PCOS Ayurvedic Treatment Combo
PCOS Ayurvedic Treatment Combo

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