Role of Sesame Oil in Strengthening of Male Organ

Role of Sesame Oil in Strengthening of Male Organ
Role of Sesame Oil in Strengthening of Male Organ

The role of Sesame oil in boosting the male organ power cannot be over-emphasized in male reproductive system. Pure Sesame Oil finds its effect as base oil in Moolika Stallion Penis massage oil to enhance the male organ.

This stallion oil uses traditional Ayurvedic tailapakavidhi that is equipped with energy enhancing herbs such as Gokshura, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and kapikacchu for the male organ.

This content promises to analyze the role of Sesame oil in acting as male organ booster. Ayurveda texts eulogize the sesame oil’s features to be vrushya, ushna, balakara, sukshma, Tvachya, Vyavayi, Vayasthapana, Teekshna, Srothovishodhana, and Vishada. These listed benefits of these properties are discussed as follows:

  • Vrushya: Sesame oil contained in stallion oil is equipped with aphrodisiac property helps to boost sexual power and improves stimulation of the body for sexual activities.
  • Vyavayi: Stallion oil which contained sesame oil has the ability to penetrate faster into the skin and body with its absorbing power. When the male organ is massaged with stallion oil, it penetrates the organ and makes the herbs act on the tissues to bring desired results.
  • Ushna: Sesame oil is hot potency oil and based on the principle of Ayurveda, body temperature tend to increase with hot potency substances. The temperature of male organ increases when stallion oil is applied; thereby enhances blood circulation around the region of the organ.
  • Balakara: The presence of sesame oil in stallion oil helps to enhance the male organ muscles, boosts tone and fitness to perform optimally.
  • Sukshma: Sesame Oil can absorb quickly into the skin because it can easily break down into smaller particles to penetrate the skin and this quality has made it as the best carrier oil used in the preparation of medicinal herbs in oily forms. The broken down herbs’ properties are conveyed into the skin pores with base oil to act on the skin.
  • Tvachya: This microbial prevention property of some infections such as bacterial and fungus prevents wrinkles formation and enhances the overall external wellness of the male organ.
  • Vayasthapana: Sesame oil contains revitalizing and anti-aging properties for overall skin health.
  • Teekshna: Sesame oil empowers stallion oil with its piercing quality to quickly penetrate into the skin cells with its aphrodisiac herbs property to perform its healing magic under the tissue.
  • Vishada: Sesame oil does not contain harmful impurities and it is easily massaged to the skin without stress.
  • Srothovishodhanakara: On its arrival on the tissues, sesame oil cleans and free the male organ channels by detoxifying the tissues for free blood circulation in the male organ.


The medicinal properties of sesame oil are responsible for its excellent roles in boosting and strengthening the male organ energy. Many health conditions can make the male organ unhealthy to perform optimally, but stallion oil prepared from sesame oil have the answers by improving natural blood circulation around the male organ through the absorbing power of sesame oil to penetrate into the skin and reach the tissues level to strengthen the penis for healthy sexual activities.

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