Drakshadi Rasayana

Drakshadi Rasayana
Drakshadi Rasayana

“Drakshadi Rasayana” is useful in many conditions like

Anemia: The precious ingredients like grapes, amla and honey help to nourish blood and help in anemia.

Indigestion: Drakshadi rasayana helps in promoting digestion and increasing appetite.

Acidity: Amla and grapes are known to reduce acidity. Thus drakshadi rasayana helps to reduce acidity and flatulence. It also help to reduce vomiting sensation and nausea.,

Asthma, Tuberculosis,Bronchitis and cough: Drakshadi rasayana boost immunity of lungs. It strengthens the lungs, boosts immunity and nourishes blood. All these facts together help patients who are recuperating from Asthma, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis and cough. It also prevents further damages due to repeated infection of respiratory system.


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