Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips
Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter weather can be especially hard on your hair so you need to establish a good Hair Care routine. If you live in a climate that has a lot of cold weather, a lot of snow, or other winter conditions your hair can become damaged, dry and dull during the winter months. Using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can help but moisturized products are no match for tight hats, cold breezes, snow and other wintry hazards. This winter keep your hair healthy and beautiful by using some of these Hair Care tips gathered from expert hair stylists to fight the damage caused by winter weather:

Always Wear A Hat

Your mother probably told you not to go outside without a hat or cap in the winter and you should listen to her. Not only will it help you stay healthy it will also help protect your hair. Delicate hair strands can easily be damaged when they are buffeted by below zero or near zero winds, snow, winter sunlight, and the blast of heat that comes whenever you enter a building. Wearing a solid cap or hat will help protect your hair and keep it from breaking or getting dull. Pick a natural fiber hat and don’t wear one that is too tight if you want to keep your hair looking great.

Deep Condition
Once a week use a deep conditioning treatment at home to help repair any damage done to your hair. Don’t use hot oil treatments because they can strip your hair and damage it more but do use a cream based deep conditioner and let it sit in your hair for a good twenty minutes before you rinse it out once a week during the winter. A leave in conditioner is also a good product to have on hand so that if your hair becomes too dry in between washings you can condition it.

Skip The Shampoo
Washing your hair in a hot shower can destroy the hair. Instead of frying your hair by shampooing in the shower every time you shower try using a dry shampoo every other day and shampooing in the shower just a few times per week. You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo as well. Dry shampoos will soak up any oil and make your hair soft and shiny without damaging it.

Dry your hair
Never go outside with wet hair in the winter. The cold can freeze the water in your hair, damaging your hair beyond repair. If you have to leave extra time in the morning to fully dry your hair or wash your hair the night before you have to go out. Even if you’re wearing a hat, make sure the hair underneath is dry or you risk permanently damaging your hair.

Winter Hair Care requires a little extra effort. In order to fight the damage done by cold, snow and freezing winds this winter try these salon recommended tips for protecting your hair in the cold and snowy weather.

By Jayne Pleysier

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